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How to Increase Nipple Size

The process of increasing the size of your nipples is often referred to as nipple augmentation. It is actually becoming a rather common surgical procedure performed by certified plastic surgeons. Though the surgical procedure is considered to be minimally invasive, it does involve an anesthetic, needles, and the surgeon injecting a temporary filler into the nipple to increase the size visibly.

The procedure is only a temporary fix, lasting 4 to 12 months. Since it is temporary, to continue to have the same results, the procedure will have to be performed at least annually. With the procedure costing between $650 and $2500, the cost alone is often enough to scare people away.

Other things to consider, having nipple augmentation surgery can also affect a woman’s ability to breastfeed. The surgery also comes with normal risks, infection, blood clots, bruising, nerve damage, and scarring among other things.   


Alternatives to Surgery

If you really dislike the size or your nipples or have other reasons for wanting to increase the size of your nipples, there are several alternatives to surgery to consider. It is important to note that all have their own risks and research, so talking to a medical professional is advised before using any method of nipple augmentation. Though the non-surgical options are less invasive, more temporary, and some are even all-natural, take all things into consideration before proceeding. Here are four alternatives to nipple augmentation surgery:

Snakebite Kits

Normally, a snakebite kit is used for sucking out the venom after someone has been bitten by a snake. Snakebite kits for nipple enhancement use the same concept. But instead of removing venom, they increase the size and sensitivity of your nipples. They are typically small pieces of plastic or silicon that are squeezed on the nipple to form a vacuum seal. This causes suction which increases the visible size of the nipple and it also increased how the nipple responds to stimulation like being touched or rubbed.

Snakebite kits can be a little painful because the suction that is caused by the vacuum seal draws blood to the surface, essentially causing a bruise. Often times, people will use these as an alternative to suction cups (see below) because they tend to be smaller. But most designs still tend to be at least an inch in size. That is just something to keep in mind when shopping. 

Suction Cups

Suction cups are kind of similar to Snakebite Kits though there are distinct differences. Suctions cups consist of two parts: the cup and the bulb. To use a suction cup to increase the size of your nipples, you place the cup over the nipple and squeeze the bulb. If the cup is pressed firmly against the skin, when you release the bulb, it will create suction.

The suction serves three purposes. First, it holds the suction cup in place so that it doesn’t fall off, though excessive amounts of movement could still cause it to lose suction and fall off. Second, the suction will draw small amounts of blood to the surface and make the nipple appear to be larger and harder. Finally, the suction causes the nipple to become more sensitive to touch. This can increase sexual pleasure for a short time after the suction cups have been used.

Suction cups come in different shapes and sizes, so you will want to shop around a bit and possibly try a few different kinds to find the one that you like most.


The easiest way to increase the appearance of your nipples is stimulation. In other words, touch yourself… your nipples that is. This can include rubbing, pinching, and even twisting your nipples with your fingers and hands. Other forms of stimulation can include but are certainly not limited to: changing the temperature, licking, biting, sucking, and use of other instruments like nipple clamps.

Stimulation is the most temporary form of nipple augmentation and usually, once the stimuli has been removed, the nipples will revert back to their original state. With that being said, if you are looking for more long-term effects, stimulation is probably not the answer. If you are looking for a quick way to make your nipples appear larger in size though, stimulation is probably the best option with visible results in a little as just a few seconds.

NatureDay Liquid

If you are looking for a natural, safe, and painless way to increase nipple size, NatureDay Liquids for breast augmentation is probably the best option. The combination of blessed thistle, cumin extract, wild yam, fenugreek, and fennel works over time to natural increase breast and/or nipple size. NatureDay actually offers a variety of products including soaps, creams, pills, and liquids but for fastest results, the liquid is highly recommended. It takes just three droppers full, once a day for a week, and there will be visible results.

Aside from being all-natural, the effects this liquid has on your body last longer than snakebite kits, suction cups, and stimulation. And with continued use of the all-natural product, the effects should continue to be visible for extended periods of time. When deciding to take any form of medication or medicinal herbs or other natural enhancement products, it is best to contact your doctor first, especially if you are taking medication of any kind or have a preexisting medical condition just to be on the safe side.

Ready for Larger Nipples?

There are a variety of reasons why people would want to change the appearance and size of their nipples. There are also many different options for accomplishing just that. Most likely, none of the options are permanent but some do last longer than others. Some options are more invasive than others. Some options involve purchasing devices and things to assist in the process while others require nothing at all.

If you have decided that you want to have larger nipples, do your research, know the risks, know the expected results, and then decide how to go about making your larger nipples a reality.


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(Bob) I've gotten fuller and grown about 1/2 " across my breast. I've been taking the liquid, 60 drops, cream and pills for about 2 1/2 months and am about out of the second jar of cream. About what time can I expect to increase more in growing out? I have about 2 months of liquid and pills left. hugs bobie

Please do not include my email Address. Thank you. Well the start of the Nature Day program. I started out with 3 droppers, 30 drops each dropper, and 1 pill for the day. After shower applied the cream to left and right side of Breasts (used hot towels to help open up pores). Hope all goes well. I will keep up this regimen for the entire week. As a side note had my wife check my measurements they are : 31" chest and 32" 1/2" breast. I will be keeping a monthly photo diary. End of the week, time to see if any thing happened,been anticipating this all week. Started on multi vitamins on Saturday (8th) and protein shakes on Monday (10th). After today will be going down to 1 dropper, 30 drops, and 3 pills per day as well as applying cream after showers. As a side note I discontinued all caffeine intake about 2 weeks before I started the program. New measurements are : 31" chest and 33" 1/2 breast. Grew a whole inch. Under wife's advice started to wear a male training bra 24/7. A 34 inch seems to fit snug and help keep things inline much better. Noticed more sensitivity in the nipple/areola area over the past couple of days. March 19, 2008 New week time, nothing new to report as to changes in diet or intake. New measurements are 31" chest ,still, and 34 " in breast. Looks like a 1/2" growth. To be expected as I decreased my intake of product last week. Still happy with the amount that grew. The training bra seems to be helping as to the shaping of my new breasts. I would recommend this to men who are starting this program. I do have one question though : Would taking the drops straight be better for enhancement then adding it to water?