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(Bob) I've gotten fuller and grown about 1/2 " across my breast. I've been taking the liquid, 60 drops, cream and pills for about 2 1/2 months and am about out of the second jar of cream. About what time can I expect to increase more in growing out? I have about 2 months of liquid and pills left. hugs bobie

Please do not include my email Address. Thank you. Well the start of the Nature Day program. I started out with 3 droppers, 30 drops each dropper, and 1 pill for the day. After shower applied the cream to left and right side of Breasts (used hot towels to help open up pores). Hope all goes well. I will keep up this regimen for the entire week. As a side note had my wife check my measurements they are : 31" chest and 32" 1/2" breast. I will be keeping a monthly photo diary. End of the week, time to see if any thing happened,been anticipating this all week. Started on multi vitamins on Saturday (8th) and protein shakes on Monday (10th). After today will be going down to 1 dropper, 30 drops, and 3 pills per day as well as applying cream after showers. As a side note I discontinued all caffeine intake about 2 weeks before I started the program. New measurements are : 31" chest and 33" 1/2 breast. Grew a whole inch. Under wife's advice started to wear a male training bra 24/7. A 34 inch seems to fit snug and help keep things inline much better. Noticed more sensitivity in the nipple/areola area over the past couple of days. March 19, 2008 New week time, nothing new to report as to changes in diet or intake. New measurements are 31" chest ,still, and 34 " in breast. Looks like a 1/2" growth. To be expected as I decreased my intake of product last week. Still happy with the amount that grew. The training bra seems to be helping as to the shaping of my new breasts. I would recommend this to men who are starting this program. I do have one question though : Would taking the drops straight be better for enhancement then adding it to water?